5G Cash Towers

An official amendment opens up what could be a sky-high income stream for everyday Americans…

"5G Cash" Towers

The 5G technology enveloping America is creating
towers of cash for Americans like you to raid.

To see how you can earn hundreds, even
thousands of dollars in extra income
every month
act now!

[Confirmed: NEXT PAYOUT scheduled for August 27]


Dear Reader,

With one small tweak to a 60-year old Public Law…

The U.S. Department of Treasury has created an opportunity for Americans to invest in a HUGE stream of income.

One that brought an estimated $2.7 billion up for grabs.

And promises to bring a lot more in the coming years.

All thanks to the 5G Revolution that’s sweeping the nation.

Forbes calls it a “Massive Home Run.”

And sure enough, a few lucky Americans from every state are hitting it out of the park…

Thanks to their trailblazing efforts and connections, the stage is now set for ordinary people like us to take advantage.

George K., from Boca Raton, Florida earned $616 every month
on average in 2019.

During this same period, Andrea J., a 54 year-old from CA earned
$1,135.13 monthly.

63-year-old Craig M. from Richmond, Virginia was richer by $2,642.64
every month

The best is Carl R., a 66-year-old man from Houston TX, who got a cool $6,770.83 per month.

Because these payouts come multiple times, Carl was richer by $81,250
last year (2019).

And you know the best part about these 5G payouts?

Anybody can get them.

Of course, while the folks mentioned above have above average starting stakes and insider status…

All you will need is a mobile phone or internet connection to get set up.

Speaking of mobile phones…

You might already know 5G is the next big leap in mobile telephones…

But there is a lot more to it than just faster and better phones…

In just a moment, I’ll show you how 5G can completely change the way
you live…

Do business…




But right now, if you are in the United States of America, you need to
know that…


The 5G rollout puts you smack dab in the center of the biggest wealth-creating opportunity since electricity…

The Wall Street Journal holds nothing back while describing this opportunity.

Forbes puts it even more bluntly while discussing one of the key players in the 5G rollout…

And CNBC’s Jim Cramer thinks this opportunity is a…

Today, I’m going to show you how you can grab the bull by the horns and collect regular investment payouts that I call “5G Cash.”

Fact is…

Thousands of Americans are

already collecting
“5G Cash”…

By the time you finish reading this you will know exactly what you need to do so you can end up collecting “5G Cash” once every
19 days

In fact, the next payout for one company is scheduled for August 27.

Because of their regularity, and depending on how many companies you earn “5G Cash” from, the payouts can work out to nice lump sum every year.

For example…

Kevin L. from Naples, FL collected $783.23.

Pamela R., a 65-year-old from Boston collected $4,703.79 a month. That works out to over $55,000 last year…

51-year-old Olivier P., who speaks five languages fluently, collected $5,893.02 every month. In whichever language he tells you, it added up to exactly $70,716 last year.

Of course, these exceptional returns are thanks to the above-average initial amounts these people invested.

That’s the beauty of "5G Cash."

The more you sow… the more you reap.

With 5G set to blanket the nation, you could reap
a lot...

And finally live like the elite do.

Listen, in whichever town or city in America you go, you see people with fancy million dollar homes

Luxury cars…

And even yachts…

I’m talking about regular Americans who might have started out in life like you and me and are now enjoying celebrity lifestyles.

You could be right in thinking these people had insider connections but…

This kind of lifestyle is not just because of insider connections or big paying jobs at these companies.

I’m sure thousands of employees drawing big salaries from these very companies might not even have their own house (still renting).

So what’s the secret?

What sets these celebrity-lifestyle people apart from their colleagues?

It’s simple.

These people opened the door when opportunity knocked.

And right now, thanks to 5G, opportunity is not only knocking… it is beating down on your door. Here’s why…

If you are like most Americans, you might think 5G is just another smartphone upgrade.

I don’t blame you.

As mobile phones went from 1G to 2G to 3G to 4G… they either got faster or better or both.

So it’s fair to assume that 5G will make your smart phone even faster…
and better.

But speed is just one tiny fraction of the 5G story.

Because unlike 2G, 3G, and 4G, where the technology was limited to the phones…

5G is going to upgrade your car, your home, your internet, your clothes, your heart… your entire life.

Which is why MIT Technology Review said…

No wonder…

The smart money is already pouring in to capitalize on this WINDFALL

Billionaires like George Soros and Bill Gates (the father of modern technology) are backing this tech revolution.

Between them and others like Jim Simons, D.E. Shaw, and Paul Tudor Jones, millions are pouring in from every industry.

Even NYSE and NASDAQ are using every tactic possible to grab the largest slice of the 5G pie.

Best of all…

There’s no political red tape. Not anymore.

In its place is a red carpet…

Rolled out by President Trump himself with the signing of an executive order a few months ago.

In fact, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) even initiated the 5G FAST plan to Facilitate America’s Superior Technology in 5G.

With each day that passes, more businesses are virtually pressing the reset button to get this
new tech
on board.

Every industry imaginable is set to undergo huge changes:

The list is endless.

Even the eagerly awaited innovations of tomorrow — Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), robotics, driverless cars, drones, space tech…

… have been virtually put on hold for this one technology.

Now that 5G is here, tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Intel, Apple, Netflix, are racing ahead to accommodate it.

Even start-up companies are eager to cash in on this wave.

While everyone is trying to jump in on the 5G bandwagon…

Some savvy Americans found a strategy that allows them to generate money from 5G even before it is fully rolled out.

By the time 5G blankets America... 

People taking advantage of this strategy will have the opportunity to dip into a pool worth BILLIONS

But only those with their name on a special investors list will have the chance at life-changing retirement cash to prove it.

It’s all thanks in part to a brilliant idea by President Dwight David Eisenhower…

Eisenhower’s Interstate Highway System
Paved The Way For 5G Riches!

Like President Trump, Eisenhower was obsessed with Making America Great… starting with an Interstate Highway System.

To fund the project… he hit upon a plan and signed it into law —
PL 86-779.

In a nutshell… the law incentivized big corporations to invest in the infrastructure of the country.

But it also forced the corporations to hand out a large majority of their revenue to the American public.

In return, the corporations would get MASSIVE tax breaks…

In other words, it was a win-win-win.

Over the years, Eisenhower’s masterplan proved to be runaway success.  

What started with highways… soon spread into other infrastructure projects.

Look at what happened with oil and gas pipelines.

The United States has more than 2.4 million miles of pipeline.

At today’s rate, that’s a whopping $19.8 trillion worth of pipelines.

Raising that kind of money was only possible because large energy companies pitched in (to get the tax breaks).

And as a part of the Eisenhower law, thousands of Americans who invested in these special energy companies got (and are still getting) a lion’s share of the profits.

Charles H., a 77-year-old former GE employee collects $625 every month. That’s enough to cover his fuel expenses and groceries.

Rebecca S. (Becky), a
58-year-old family woman from Kansas, Missouri is happy with the $1,787.90 she collects every month.

Catherine L., a 67-year-old woman gets $2,500 every month. Add her social security check and she’s laughing to the bank!

Conrad C., one of the top shareholders in the same company, is even better. At 59, Conrad is a few years from his retirement. By the time he retires, the $4,925.03 he collected every month in 2019 will come in very handy.

In addition to the energy companies, many special infrastructure projects like roads, bridges, corporate offices, hotels, hospitals also started taking advantage of this strategy…

And Americans “in the know” have been taking advantage of this situation.

In fact, even as you read this, more than 87 million Americans are getting paid every month by different companies who are using this same strategy.

That’s one in every four Americans.

But here is the thing…

While PL 86-779 was good for infrastructure industries…

It was not applicable to non-infrastructure businesses like communications.

That is, till the Department of Treasury (DoT) stepped in.

An IRS intervention opens up the
"5G Cash" investment opportunity

Just before 5G came into the picture...

The IRS made a small tweak to the terminology of Eisenhower’s Law …

Because of this tweak, certain 5G companies can also get the same tax breaks as many of these other companies. 

I don’t want to get into all the legal small print but the important
thing is…

The IRS tweak opened the floodgates for ordinary Americans to get a shot at collecting “5G Cash.”

If you haven’t heard of “5G Cash” I’m not surprised.

You see, the law that made “5G Cash” possible (Public Law 86-779) is buried under “other purposes” of a binder, titled Cigar Excise Tax Extension Act

But now, I’m blowing the lid wide open.

The Secret Behind
“5G Cash”

For the first time you will be able to see how this huge income opportunity which is being used by companies in charge of pipelines, bridges, buildings etc…

Is now hiding in plain sight in the form of…

Cellular Towers.

You might have seen some
of these towers…

In open fields…

…and along highways.

Behind the scenes, these towers hide a MASSIVE secret.

You see, while you and I pay our monthly cell phone bills to the cell phone companies…

The cell phone companies DO NOT actually OWN the towers.

When I first found out about this, I was stunned.

Companies like Verizon, AT&T,
T-Mobile, Sprint, pay huge RENT to use these wireless towers.

Crazy, right?

Now here’s where it gets interesting.

Because these towers are now classified as real property under the new law, the owners can take advantage of the massive tax breaks.

In return, they are forced to distribute a huge part of the rent.

This distributed rent is the key to "5G Cash.”

To be clear, "5G Cash" is an ROI (return on investment) in tower owning companies.

And as far as I know, it is the best way for ordinary Americans to cash in on the 5G craze.

So far, there are 605,000

Cell Towers in the U.S.

(Just an appetizer… the main course is yet to come).

The Eisenhower law is very clear.

A maximum share (at least 90%) of the profits generated by the companies that own the towers…

Has to be distributed to people who invest to receive "5G Cash."

Currently, there are over 205,000 towers and 400,000 smaller cell towers (nodes) in the US.

When you add up all the rent paid for all the towers…

And remove the day-to-day maintenance costs for the towers…

What’s left is a massive pool of money… that investors can dip into.

Let me break that down for you.

Step One

Giant telecom companies like Verizon and AT&T pay rent to the companies that own the cell towers.

Step Two

Because of the Eisenhower-era law, these cell tower companies can only keep a small part of the rent.

Step Three

The rest of the rent has to be distributed to the ordinary Americans who invested (by law).

That’s how these cellular towers have become a source of income for Americans.

63-year-old New Yorker, Andrew M. earned $2,642.22 every month.

Lieblein G., a working mom added $697.41 to her bank account every month last year.

73-year-old George R. from Boca Raton Florida got $1,233.30 in addition to his social security check each month last year.

Andrea G., collected $616.67 every month last year.

And as some of the biggest cell tower companies are legally obligated to share their ‘rent’…

Americans like me and you can invest and dip into a growing pool of potential income.

To know the kind of growth I’m talking about take a look at this chart.

The revenue of one of these cell towers grew from $664 million in 2015 to more than $1,425 million in 2019.

That’s more than double.

Of course, this is the cash from just one cell tower company contributing to the "5G Cash" pool.

Add the revenue from all the cell tower companies, and you are looking at billions.

In fact, in 2018, the "5G Cash" pool was not in the millions but in billions.

To be precise, a whopping $2.7 billion.

That’s just an appetizer.

Remember, the $2.7 billion I estimated is just from a portion of the 605,000 towers that that are already up and running.

It does NOT include the hundreds of thousands of additional towers that are being installed at a break-neck speed…

… to accommodate the millions of Americans switching over to 5G.

Looking at all the numbers, one thing is very clear.

We are standing in front of an unstoppable tidal wave of investment income.

And people willing to ride the wave could get wildly rich.

Now do you see why I call the IRS guideline a game changer?

It’s a shame the mainstream media did not shout from the rooftops about the IRS guideline.

But luckily… some savvy Americans immediately jumped on the opportunity.

The timing of the IRS “intervention” was perfect as it threw open the gates for a brand new income stream for Americans…

Year after year… the cash kept coming from the towers

Here, take a look…


Back in November 2016, Bob W. was getting richer by $1,076.5 every month

David E. was earning a cool $1,830.76 every month back in 2016.


57 year Carolyn K., was adding $2,775.74 every month since
March 2017

Since early spring in 2017, Robert M. was earning a whopping $5,689.77 every month.


66-year-old Robert A. from Houston Texas has been adding $3,734.93 to his account every month since February 2018

43-year-old Daniel H. from little Rock Arkansas was earning $10,831.80 every month


Mark A. from Fountain Grove Parkway, Santa Rosa, has been getting $2,033.71 every month in 2019.

Thomas W., a 53-year-old added $1,768.25 to his account every month.

Keep in mind, these people have hitched on to this opportunity long before, thanks to their connections and inside knowledge…

And I have no doubt that they invested huge amounts as they were sure of
the outcome…

But you don’t need to be an insider, or put in a huge stake.

You can start small, start collecting a couple of hundred dollars or less…

And gradually increase the stakes to get the bigger payouts.

Remember, this is an investment and like all investments it carries a certain amount of risk. You’re still betting on the shares of these companies going up.

And while I have no doubt they will go up… I’d still play it safe.

So please do not invest money you can’t afford to lose.

The next batch of “5G Cash” is being released on August 27.

Since the new IRS guideline came into effect, not a year has passed without regular Americans getting what I call “5G Cash.”

And the next payout is on August 27.

That’s just a few days away.

You have no time to lose.

If you can spare a few minutes now… we can show you how to get started.

A few minutes on your cell phone (or computer) is all it takes… and

you’re “5G Cash Ready”

Getting started is brain-dead simple.

All you need to do is fill out the on-line form…

Decide how much to invest (remember start small)… and…

Tell them where you’d like your "5G Cash" delivered.

Remember, the “5G Cash” you receive will depend entirely on you, how much you opt for, and your willingness to increase the stakes.

At the risk of repeating myself… my advice would be to start small for the first 3-4 months.

And gradually increase the stakes as you get more comfortable once the
“5G Cash” starts rolling in.


At one point, 53-year-old Robert S. earned just $184.80 every month

Mary C., a 56-year-old earned $221.16 every month. Just about enough to cover the grocery bills.

57-year-old Brian C. is pretty pleased with the $178.40 he collected every month in “5G Cash.” He knew it would soon grow bigger.

Keith B. a 46-year-old executive got as little as $368.01 every month.

But in many cases, the payouts don’t stay so low for long.

For example, in Keith’s case, within a year he was able to increase his payouts from $368.01 every month to $589.05 every month.

It all depends how much you want to invest. And how big of a claim you want
to stake.

But any way you slice it…

“5G Cash” will continue to produce BIG income opportunities for Americans.

… and it’s only going to get bigger!

Remember, as of this year, the average Social Security check is around $1,500.

That’s barely enough to live on.

But with “5G Cash,” even if you start small, you could work your way up to collecting as much as one social security check per month, or more!

Imagine earning the same amount as two social security checks every month.

Wouldn’t that be great?

You could use one for the regular day-to-day expenses.

And the other for really
living it up.

Eating at the best restaurants…

Pampering your body at
expensive spas…

Appreciating the arts…

Of course… over time your stake in the “5G Cash” could be worth a lot more.

Because, even if you don’t invest a single penny more…

Your stake in the “5G Cash” could double
…Or even triple

It’s true.

In fact, the “5G Cash” from one of these tower companies more than tripled in the last few years.

Which means people who were getting $10,000 five years ago are getting more than $30,000 this year…

That’s TRIPLE the income.

Without doing a thing.

The “5G Cash” of another company did even better.

They quadrupled.

All because they are bound by law to distribute a
pre-set percentage of their profits.

As the profits go up, so can your payments!

Gerald A… earned a little over $1,680.82 every month…

Ronald W… $888.25 a month.

David L’s monthly income from “5G Cash” was $1,271.75.

Christy L… got a little over $10,000 every month…

And when Robert F. gets his “5G Cash,” he can’t help but smile at the five-figure amount.

Because, he knew it totaled up to a six-figure amount ($145,645) last year. Today, you could put yourself in a similar position to collect
“5G Cash.”

Someone Is Going To Get Rich From

“5G Cash.” Why Shouldn’t That

Someone Be YOU?

Listen, if you use any American cellphone carrier…

In a way, you already have an unofficial stake in these towers.

The bills you’ve paid have been indirectly funding the rent for these towers.

But instead of getting something in return, all you get is bigger bills.

It’s just not fair.


But now, with the IRS on your side, you can turn the tables on these giant telecom companies…

And earn your fair share of “5G Cash.”

Here’s how it works.

You don’t have to own a cell tower or lease out land to earn this income


Most of these cellular towers are owned by a handful of obscure companies you might never have heard of…

All you need to do is hitch your wagon to this small convoy of little-known companies that own these towers… and go along for the ride.

Between them, these little-known companies control almost EVERY SINGLE tower in the US.

And if you haven’t heard about this opportunity yet… that’s okay.

It’s not your fault.

Most folks just think the major cell phone providers reap all the profits.

But that’s simply NOT the case!

It’s the little tower companies.

These companies have towers in cities, towns and even remote corners of USA.

They quietly collect ‘rent’ from the big cell phone companies like Verizon
and AT&T.

And distribute a huge portion of the ‘rent’ as
“5G Cash” to everyday Americans in every state.


Robert D., Kentucky



Craig M., Nebraska



George K., Florida



Jennifer B., Alaska



Andrea G., California



Brian L., Oregon


Of course, I do not have the space to show “5G Cash” from each state, but I’m sure you get the idea…

Remember, even though these people had inside knowledge… they did not invest in the big companies like Verizon, T-mobile and AT&T.

Instead they invested in the obscure little-known tower companies….

In just a moment, I’ll show you how you too can get “5G Cash," but first allow me to introduce myself.

Income, Income, Income!

Hi, Zach Scheidt here. 

Just as the three things that matter in property are location, location, location…

The three things that matter in retirement are income, income, income.

And income was my specialty even during my hedge fund manager days handling million dollar accounts for the elite.

But as I grew tired of making the rich richer, I quit!

These days… I live in Atlanta, Georgia, where I juggle my time between being a financial analyst for my readers and being a dad to my seven kids.

Having seven kids is exciting… but it is expensive and it keeps me on my toes.

I’m constantly looking out for new income opportunities.

And when I strike gold, I share it with my readers.

It’s what I do.

And more often than not the income ideas work for them too.

While I love coming up with income ideas, the real rush is seeing others use these ideas to better their lives.

Here, take a look at what some of my readers have
to say.

"Let me tell you that you have officially become one of my financial mentors for years to come. Cheers to that, now let's keep making more money.”

— Edwin S. Boston, Massachusetts

"For me it has been a stable place to park the money and earn greater returns than from bank CDs… and frankly at less risk in my opinion. This way I have total control over the funds and can move them at any time. Keep the recommendations coming!”

— Alison A., Portland. Oregon

“I am doing very well. I am a small investor and am not able to invest much so I have to be very choosy with what recommendations I invest in… thanks for all the hard work."

— Richard S. Buffalo, NY

"I took 4 of your investment suggestions. All 4 are showing profit, and one right off gave me a dividend. I was shocked! Thanks for caring. I will be investing more and listening to you!”

— Jose A. Boise, Idaho

The fact that my research is paying rich dividends to others is great…

But I cannot afford to just rest on my past laurels.

I have to keep adding more fuel to keep the income engine going.

Which is why, whenever a new trend like 5G comes along I look at it from every angle, to sniff out any income opportunity that may be hidden within.

That’s how I came across this income opportunity that I've dubbed "5G Cash."

It’s early days yet, but from what I’ve seen so far… this could well be the biggest income opportunity of our lifetimes.

And while the income is great… there is another reason why you’ll like
"5G Cash."

You can finally get back at your

cell phone company

If you’re like me, you hate cell phone bills.

These big cell phone companies try every trick in the book to put the squeeze on you… in the name of service.

They have mastered the art of relieving you of your hard-earned cash.

Well, here’s your opportunity to turn the tables and indirectly make money
off them.

100% legally.

Starting with an initial grubstake as little as $10 you could…



Or even quadruple your income

Listen, whatever your current situation is, once you retire… you’ll probably want the extra income.

In fact, if you’re well off today, you’ll need the extra income even more, to keep up with your current lifestyle.

Of course, I cannot guarantee how much you’ll make in "5G Cash"…

But I can guarantee that once you start getting
“5G Cash,” your life will not be the same again.

Want to become a millionaire?

At the very start of this presentation, I showed you how Carl collected $81,250 last year from “5G Cash.”

There are people who are making even more from this opportunity….

William H. earns $230,470 every year.

And Martin L. took home a cool $530,851.50 in 2019.

In other words, Martin could be a millionaire in less than two years.

Of course, these are extraordinary cases and I’m sure their initial investments were big.

Listen… You might not become a millionaire in 2 years. But even if “5G Cash” helps you secure a more financially abundant future…

You can 100% make your dreams come true.

And if all goes as planned, you could potentially retire in a couple year’s time.

And by retire… I mean really retire.

Become a member of a golf club…

Travel the world…

Indulge… buy her that diamond ring

Or that vintage beauty you had your eyes on…

It is easy.

It’s 100% legal and binding.

And if a recent memo signed by President Trump is any indication… “5G Cash” can easily become the BEST retirement funding plan I’ve seen in my career!

$2.7 Billion in “5G Cash”

Fact is…

Your wireless providers cannot function without these towers.

Just to give you an idea, in 2018 just five of the wireless providers shelled out about $8 billion in rent.

And once all the running costs are factored in — the tower companies who collected this rent were left with a whopping profit of around
$3 billion.

Of which they get to keep 10% and distribute 90% as what I call
“5G Cash.”

The math is simple. $3 billion minus $0.3 billion (10%)

That’s $2.7 Billion.

That ENTIRE pool of money was up for grabs.

The smart Americans I mentioned earlier have figured out a way to get their share of the $2.7 billion in the form of “5G Cash.”

George — $616

Andrea — $1,135.13

Craig — $2,642.22

Carl — $6,770.83

While you too could have taken advantage of this opportunity last year…

Today, the opportunity is still there. In fact, it’s bigger than before.

And by implementing the same simple strategy as George, Andrea, Craig and Carl, you too can collect “5G Cash” every month!

The money pool you tap into today could be MUCH bigger in (2021, 2022, 2023 and every year
from here on out…)

Please understand, the numbers you saw so far were for 2018 when 5G — still in its development phase — was finding a foothold in the American ecosystem.

The companies that own these 5G towers are now expanding at a pace never seen before.

In addition to the large towers, they are adding smaller towers (nodes) to keep pace with the growth.

The graph below shows the growth rate of these smaller nodes.

These nodes are being put into place at a hectic pace.

Now compare that chart with the one below which shows the number of cellphones in the US:

In 2015, there were 258 million cell phones in America.

Right now, there are 275 million cell phones.

Do you see the difference?

The number of cell phones have not even increased by 7%.

But the cell towers have increased by over 500%.

All because of 5G…

The rapid growth seen in this graph is just the beginning.

According to a report made by Google for the DoD (Department of Defense)…

In order to successfully power America with 5G, ideally there should be at least 13 million of the smaller nodes…

It boggles the imagination.

If just a portion of 605,000 nodes (combination of larger towers and smaller nodes) can result in $2.7 billion in “5G Cash”

Can you imagine how much 13 million nodes could generate?

I estimate at least $58 billion.

In “5G Cash”!

Just Announced:

The Next “5G Cash” payout is scheduled for August 27

The 5G opportunity that I’m sharing with you is 100% real…

But it’s also fast moving.

So you’re going to want to take out a pencil and circle August 27 on your calendar

That’s the date the next consignment of “5G Cash” is being paid out.

Which means even if you get in by May 27… you can still invest in time to collect your first installment of “5G Cash.”

Every single day is critical.

Remember Martin L? He’s the person I mentioned a while ago.
The one who collects $53,0851 in "5G Cash" every year.

Imagine if you were Martin and you did not act in time.

In just one month, you could lose as much as $44,237.

That’s the power of “5G Cash.”

No wonder, even as you read this, Americans who are over the age of 18 are investing with whatever little they can afford to be in a position to receive
“5G Cash.”

And if you hurry, you can too.

Then next month, you could collect your very own
“5G Cash.”

And every month after, the cash could keep coming.

In fact, if you invest in just three of these cellular tower companies, you could be paid 12 times within
a year.

That works out to one payout a month.

The only way “5G Cash” will stop coming is if people stop using their phones.

5G’s Destiny Is Upon Us:

America. Trump. God.

If you’re getting excited about this huge opportunity to collect cash from America’s 5G revolution… that’s GREAT!

Fact is, you should be excited.

President Donald J. Trump, joined by Chairman Ajit Pai of the Federal Communications Commission, delivers remarks on U.S. 5G deployment technology Friday, April 12, 2019, in the Roosevelt Room at the White House.
(Official White House Photo)

Because President Trump himself is putting 5G first.

“5G is a big deal… I directed the Department of Commerce to develop a National Spectrum Strategy to free up even more spectrum
for 5G”

We’re looking at the largest ‘free-up’ ever in American wireless history.

In addition to the spectrum changes, the FCC passed a 5G directive to all state governments to aid in the timely buildout of the infrastructure changes.

America’s telecommunications operators plan to invest $275 billion to deploy 5G networks, creating 3 million new jobs.

Many state governments have even given special permission to use existing infrastructure to host the nodes. Telegraph poles. Streetlights. Lamp posts.

There are an estimated 26 million street lamp posts in the US today.

You know what that means.

If the 13 million nodes are all put in street lamp posts… there would be a node for every two lamp posts.

In other words… this is as big as electricity.

This huge infrastructure buildout is happening all around us.

The profits are hidden in plain sight.

The way I see it, the entire 5G rollout will happen much faster than estimated.

After all, it is getting all the backing it needs from all the right places.

At first, you may not believe what you’re about to see…

It’s almost as if even God is backing 5G.

But your eyes don’t deceive you…

Here, the nodes are fitted inside crosses at a local church in [San Ramon, California].

Don’t believe me…

Here’s a closer look at the antenna sticking out of the cross (below).

My point…

5G is already everywhere it needs to be:

America is back at the forefront of technology

Medicine, weaponry, agriculture, mining, shipping, space… everything.

Trump knows it.

You know it.

And if you play your cards right, YOU can get paid.

Just like these Americans.

David E. earned around $7,170.66 last year thanks to “5G Cash.”

Robert D. earned $21,433 last year. That’s in addition to his Social Security. His wife should be suitably impressed.

47-year-old Brian L. earned $1,009 every month.

And then, there is Martin L.

Now, Martin is closely involved with these companies as an insider… he might have more access to information, and therefore invested more than ordinary Americans do…

But still… take a look at what he earns in “5G Cash.” It will help you understand the full potential of what we are talking about.

Martin earns a whopping $530,851 every year in “5G Cash.” That’s half a million every year.

But listen, it does not matter how small or big your first “5G Cash”
pile is.

What matters is how soon you get it. Because…

The faster you get 5G Cash,
the sooner you can start growing it.

Take a look at how Robert E. grew his “5G Cash” in just three years by simply reinvesting.

I’m sure Robert, and all of the Americans collecting “5G Cash” are glad they got started as soon as they did.

Of course, not all the people collecting “5G Cash” are ordinary Americans like you and me.

There are some very special people who have quietly earned thousands of dollars in “5G Cash.”

Bill Gates is one of them.

Sources close to Bill say his “5G Cash” is easily worth over
$1 million every month.

If one of the richest men in the world sees merit in getting
“5G Cash,” I’m guessing there’s something
to it.

Bill Gates and Donald Trump may not agree on many things…

But these titans DO see eye to eye on this particular company.

And in just a few minutes, I’ll tell you how you too can start earning “5G Cash” from this very company with an initial investment as little $120.

While I don’t know the exact amount that Bill Gates and Donald Trump get every month in “5G Cash”…

I have no doubt it is growing too.

And just as it happens with them…

The amount of YOUR “5G Cash” will entirely depend on the tower companies.

The more the towers, the more you are likely to get paid.

But let’s not worry about tomorrow.

Right now, it’s all about getting started, and earning your first installment of
“5G Cash”…

 Take a pic of your first “5G Cash” payout
(however small). And WATCH it potentially get
bigger over time.

Time is of the essence here.

Americans have collected millions of dollars since the first 5G Cash was
paid out..

And those who invested early have noticed a nice pattern.

In most cases, the amount of money paid out kept going up.

In fact, over the last four years, some companies’ payouts from
“5G Cash” have gone up at least 57%.

Which means, if you were collecting $1,600 per month in “5G Cash” four years ago, today you could be collecting $2,512 per month.

Without changing a thing…

That’s like pocketing an additional $10,994 in a year.

Of course, these aren’t guaranteed to grow, but I like our odds.

So if 5G keeps growing like President Trump says, and I believe it will…

You could look forward to returns increasing every year from here
on out.

Congratulations! For Once You’re in the Right Place at the Right Time


The 5G revolution is an unstoppable trend.

“5G Cash” is protected by law.

And the opportunity is growing rapidly.

So tell me…

Are you bold enough to take action here?

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The next wave of “5G Cash” is scheduled for August 27 and once your name is on the investors list you could start earning life-changing income.

To help you get up to speed quick…

I hired a team to set up a special on-line access page that I call the "5G Cash" Command Center.

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While the main focus of 5GCCC ("5G Cash" Command Center) will be
“5G Cash”…

You’ll quickly notice this special web portal has EVERYTHING you need to know about the rapidly moving 5G industry… how to prepare, and profit!

You’ll discover the details of the recent IRS change…

The names of important companies paying out
“5G Cash."

And a host of other benefits…

5GCCC Benefit #1

Video: Getting Started with "5G Cash"

Once you subscribe to my newsletter and gain access into 5GCCC, look for my “GET STARTED VIDEO.”

In this video, I’ll walk you step-by-step through the entire process.

So, whether you’re an income-generating pro or a complete beginner…

You’ll see exactly how to set up a secure “5G Cash” account.

Just follow the instructions put together by me and my team.

No guesswork.

And the best part?

I don’t want you to collect just once from this investment opportunity..

Remember, I’m a bestselling income author that quite literally wrote the book on income!

I’ll not be doing my reputation any good if I show you how to collect your first “5G Cash” and then leave you hanging.

That’s why the video will also show you how to ensure your first pay out of
“5G Cash” is soon followed by another, which will be followed by a third… and so on.

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5G Calendar — 52 paydays every year?

My team has just put the finishing touches on a highly coveted “crown jewel” to our 5G research…

It’s an exclusive income calendar… and it comes pre-loaded with payout days so that you know when to expect your potential profits.

To start with, it will have twenty “5G Cash” Payout days lined up over the next
1 year.

These opportunities could make you richer right off the bat. And I’ll show you what you need to do to take advantage of every payout.

The best part?

The opportunities will keep coming year after year.

In addition to pointing out the 5 most important companies paying out
“5G Cash”…

The 5G Calendar also alerts you to payout dates for 27 MORE companies in the 5G industry which offer regular payouts of investment income to Americans like you.

These are separate from the companies that pay out “5G Cash.” I’m talking about picks and shovels plays… patent holders… under-the-radar tech plays and other companies that will pay you income!

NOTE: these other 5G related companies DO NOT fall under Eisenhower’s “Public Law 86-799,”but they DO hand out substantial income and upside!

Of course, while dividends are generally a low-risk investment, there is always a risk of loss. These companies could go down in value, or could lower their dividend or stop paying it altogether. 

I’ll alert you if I think that looks likely for any for our recommendations.

But for now, if you use this 5G Payout Calendar correctly and depending on how much you invest…

The total amount of cash you could collect from these 27 additional companies could even surpass what you would earn if you just invested in 5G stocks.

And again, it’s not complicated.

It takes just a few minutes to set up.

The calendar will have special color codes for all these payout days.

The potential “5G Cash” payouts are highlighted in GREEN.

And payout days from other 5G income opportunities are highlighted in ORANGE.

Between these two colors, there is at least one payday every week – that’s
52 paydays every year… or more!

Plus… There’s the 5GCCC income archives — check out all our winners from past years, and even the triple digit winners we are sitting on.

Of course, past performance can't guarantee future results.

With America’s 5G rollout staring us in the face, there’s quite literally no limit to the income potential here….

Speaking of 5G rollout… I’d like to highlight another part of our "5G Cash" Command Center for you…

5GCCC Benefit #3

5G USA Rollout Map (updated monthly)

If taking advantage of “5G Cash” is all you are interested in… the 5G calendar should be more than enough…

But I know you may also be eager to keep tabs on the 5G Revolution.

That’s why I commissioned a one-of-its kind 5G map.

The map will show the progress of the next 3 years as 5G Sweeps across the nation.

The map is pre-set for December 31, 2022… so whenever you access the map, you can see the percentage of completion achieved.

And as 5G breaks through the 3.7 million square miles of our great nation…

There is one place you’ll want to be…

In a conference call with the country’s TOP tech investing experts to tune in to.  

Which is exactly why the "5G Cash" Command Centre brings you… 

5GCCC Benefit #4

5G Investors Web Seminar

Mark my words! In a year’s time you’ll look back to this seminar and pat yourself on the back for being ahead of the biggest tech trend in decades…

When it comes to technology, NO ONE knows this investing space better than my special guest…

He is one of the foremost people I know of in the field of technology investment and I can confidently say that anything he does not know about 5G is not worth knowing. 

And yes… In the course of this seminar, he even gives us a peek into what 5G is laying the foundation for (hint: not AI or Blockchain, or self-driving cars or any of the usual suspects). Prepare to be really surprised.

Remember, you heard it first here. 

But listen, however successful 5G is, it would mean nothing to me if my readers cannot get the most out of it.

That’s why I’ve created a special index that will be exclusively available to you in the "5G Cash" Command Center. 

5GCCC Benefit #5

5-star 5G Index

Most people lose a heap of money in the markets, because they do not know when to buy… when to hold… and when to sell.

But if you are at a trading floor… you’ll know which way the tide is flowing and you know exactly what to do.

Now imagine being at a trading floor where only 5G-related stocks are traded.

That’s 5-Star 5G Index in a nutshell.

It helps me keep track of all the 5G-related companies I’m recommending, so you can get a crystal clear picture of the market sentiment and how to take advantage of it.

Even though this index covers only 5G related Stocks, I have good reason to believe it is going to overtake my most impressive model portfolio, which shows a total cumulative return of 238.17%.

Just do the math.

If you had the information and invested in all my trade recommendations from 2019, that 238% gain on a small input of $500 would have seen returns of $1,690.

Do you see why I’m so excited? 

With access to the "5G Cash" Command Center, you can have all this information and research at your fingertips.

Last but not least, the "5G Cash" Command Center will be your link to the world of 5G.

5GCCC Benefit #6

5G World News and Views

This will cover all the latest that’s happening in the world of 5G and 5G investing.

Listen, keeping pace with the 5G revolution can be an overwhelming task.

It can take up too much time and keep you away from the things you’d much rather be doing.

Like spending time with your family….

Catching up with friends…

Trying to improve your golf handicap…

Or even going on that much-awaited world cruise (thanks to the potential of “5G Cash”).  

That’s why me and my team will do all the 5G research and news-gathering for you and keep you up to date in our special 5G news corner.  

Do you see the power of what I’m talking about here?

You’re on the precipice of an ENORMOUS income trend…

But as incredible as the “5G Cash” opportunity is…

It is just one of the unique passive income streams I’ve come across.

There are other potentially high-paying income plays with little risk that consistently churn out solid annual payouts to investors.

So, before I show what you need to do to get your pass code to the "5G Cash" Command Center, I’d like to share with you another income secret very few people know about.

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“Big Data Payouts”

I just discovered ANOTHER huge opportunity to earn regular
income …

So let me ask you…

How would you like to earn a small cut every time someone watches a film
on Netflix…

Or when someone orders stuff on Amazon…

Or books a hotel on Airbnb…

It can happen.

In fact, it is already happening via a small strategy very few people know called “Big Data Payouts.”

You see, there is a reason why 5G has become such a huge opportunity in the past few years…and will continue to keep growing.

In one word — DATA.

Data is exploding like never before.

Facebook, Uber, Instagram, and all the other apps on your phone are generating hundreds of thousands of gigabytes of data by the minute…

Video streaming…

Web hosting…

Self-driving cars…

And as we move into the 2020s, other gadgets — fridges, cameras, and even the clothes we wear will start generating data.

By 2025, there could be over 175 TRILLION gigabytes.

If all that data were stored in Blu-ray discs and the discs were placed on top of the other… the stack would reach from the earth to the moon… 23 TIMES.

All that data has to be stored somewhere.

Enter — “the cloud.”

You might know that “the cloud” is where big companies like Oracle, Amazon and Microsoft store data.

What you may not know is that this “cloud” is not in the sky.

It is right here on earth in massive buildings called data centers.

And guess what?

The companies which own those data centers are using the very same public law PL 86-779 to save on taxes as the cell tower companies.

Which means they too must pay out up to 90% of their taxable income to regular Americans.

And Americans who know about this are quietly earning what I call “Big Data Payouts.” 

50-Year-old Edward B., gets back “Big Data Payouts” worth $556.40 every month

Simon M., a 46-year-old accountant gets a tidy $1,408.75 every month via “Big Data Payouts.”

But the payouts can be a lot bigger the more you invest as you can see in the case of Brandi G. who goes laughing to the bank to deposit her “Big Data Payout,” worth a whopping $13,524 every month

Listen, even you deserve to get these payouts…

Companies have been profiting off your data for decades. It’s time they
paid you back.

A big part of the reason why the demand for data centers is growing so much is because private companies gather more information about their customers than ever before.

Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and many other companies are making off like bandits with your data — and you’re not making a dime off it.

But here’s the good news?

All those companies are paying rent to the data centers to store your data.

And these data center companies are required to pay out up to 90% of their income to Americans like you who have invested in them.

Around March 28, a round of “Big Data Payouts” was sent out to
savvy investors.

And you can be one of them.

Many of them are regularly receiving payouts of $486, $1,481, $2,327, and even $7,670 every month.  

In the 5G era, it’s quite likely that those payouts will grow significantly.

I want you to make the most of this income opportunity.

I’ve put everything in this bonus research report called Big Data Payouts: Your Never Ending Source of Income from the Internet.

Normally, research like this is valued at $495, which is a mere fraction of the income you could generate from “Big Data Payouts.”

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Here are the questions coming up most often when people first hear about
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Q: This 5G Cash sound incredible. Why are these companies giving away this money?

A: It’s a great question. These companies get tons of tax-free benefits when they send out “5G Cash.”

The way this whole thing is structured, neither are you doing the companies a favor. Nor are the companies doing you a favor.

The best part?

Because more money actually flows into these companies, they get to expand their operations, and as a result, your account could see even MORE money flowing in.


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You Can Review Your Order Before it's Final)

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Q:  I’ve never trusted big companies. What if they try and get the better of me after I invest?

A: These companies come under SEC Rulings.  

They are forced by LAW to pay you your share of the profits. If they don’t the consequences can be very dire (for the companies).

The SEC takes these things very seriously and the companies are audited at random to ensure no under-hand dealings take place.


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You Can Review Your Order Before it's Final)

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