Make Retirement Great Again





Copy President Trump’s “Income Hack” and You Could Put an Extra $1,622 or More in Your Pocket Each and Every Month You’re Retired


Dear Conservative Retiree,

President Donald J. Trump is on a quest to make America great again.

And a clue behind his massive wealth could help you do your part.

But like Trump, this “income hack” is anything but conventional.

Simply copy “Trump’s Income Hack” and you could start living your dream retirement in a matter of less than a month.

Sound impossible?

It’s not.

To do this…

You do NOT need an Ivy League education.

You do NOT need ANY money, although having some could multiply your retirement cash flow and open new doors to more ways of collecting income.

You do NOT need a lot of time.

You do NOT need to own a bunch of real estate, or have your name on the top of a tower.

But, you DO have to think smart.

And you DO have to want to follow the lead of a billionaire.

Whether you like Trump or not, following the underlying idea behind the “hack” he’s used to become ultra-rich could give you financial independence during retirement.

I’ll show you how in this letter. But if you’re happy with your status quo, you can stop reading right now.

Still with me?

Great, then let me show you what the mainstream financial media doesn’t see.

In just a few minutes, you can thumb your nose at the “so-called experts” – and discover how to live the healthy, wealthy, independent retirement you deserve.


What you’re about to discover are ways you can apply the principle behind Trump’s simple “hack” that could raise your retirement income by up to 60% or more.

Since you probably don’t have billions to invest like he could, I’ve scaled it down for average Americans.

It’s a “hack” that leverages your lifestyle, the things you enjoy most and things you probably already own and turns them into cash flow.

It’s about being SMART.

Not education smart, but “Street Smart” like Trump.

And you can get all of the details for free.

You just need…

The Ultimate “Hack” to Living the “Good Life”

Today you can discover how to “game” the system and generate reliable new streams of simple, speedy, almost effortless income.

Income you can use to live the retirement lifestyle you’ve always desired.

For example:

Just three ideas could give you the extra cash flow to say goodbye to a “fixed income” and say hello to a retirement of travel, toys and independence.

It’s a formula I’ve created that takes advantage of the idea behind Trump’s “Income Hack.”

In fact if you used all three of the examples above, you could be making an extra $1,622 every month!

And these samples are just three of the 47 ideas you can use to design your path to retirement freedom.

Because according to a 2012 AARP analysis of data from the Census Bureau, the average retirement income for Americans 65 and over was only $31,742.

And frankly, you deserve better.

Just use the principle behind Trump’s “Income Hack” and you could enjoy up to a 60% raise!

You could even do better.

Sure, this kind of income may seem unbelievable. But people collect extra money using these kinds of ideas every month.

Like Allan M., who made an extra $545 a month in minutes a day.

Or Paula P., who averaged $1,653 a month doing something she calls “super fun.”

And some folks like Scott S. make over $8,000 every month using one part of this exact formula.

That’s over $100,000 a year!

Why not you?

As you’re about to find out, it’s a lot easier than you think.

And I’ll prove it to you by giving away these secrets for free.

Your broker, your banker, your CPA don’t know these tricks.

And they certainly don’t know how to put them into a system that fortifies your self-reliance and rugged individualism.

It’s a formula that gives you an “unfair advantage,” because not one of your friends will have an idea you’re getting PAID to do many of the things you already do.

Unless you tell them, of course.

Because by the time it’s all said and done, only one in about 10,000 Americans will EVER get their hands on this exact information.

I’ll tell you exactly how these easy income-generating ideas were inspired by President Trump’s income “hack” shortly.

But first, take a look at more of these “uncommon” income streams that could pay you month after month…

These Three Unusual Income Streams Could
Turn Your Formula Into $4,751 per Month…

Here’s another “mix” that could boost your lifestyle during retirement. (Or before…)

The first income stream is a unique and lucrative section of the real estate business.

One Trump would probably love.

But there’s no buying, selling or giving tours.

And a huge chunk of boomers have everything it takes to be successful.

This stream of income only takes a few minutes to set up.

But within a week you could be well on your way to $1,653 per month.

Ask Paula P. – she tried this profitable idea out as an experiment.

How did she do over her first three months?

After expenses, she said:

“My net income was about $5,000 in the past 3 months, which averages to $1,653 per month.”

How’s that for a great start?

And it didn’t take much time either.

In fact her total time commitment added up to about six hours a month...

That’s $275 an hour!

You may love this moneymaking idea too.

In fact, Paula called it “Super Fun!” just after getting started.

If you’re a “people person” who hates “routine,” this powerful but simple income stream could be right up your alley.

According to Paula:

“Most of my moneymaking efforts happen in front of a laptop, and sometimes, I just want to tear myself away from a computer screen."

“[This unique business gives] me awesome variety. I can interact with flesh-and-blood people, rather than stare at pixels.” 

Scott S. stumbled upon this secret in 2012.

Not only has he made significant income, he loves the “side benefits.”

“I’ve met everyone from Midwest retirees, to international backpackers, even an NFL quarterback and a president at Starbucks."

Scott is now making over $100,000 a year!

That’s a six-figure income.

Imagine the retirement lifestyle you could lead with six figures rolling in every year WITHOUT even touching your current savings.

Of course making $8,300 a month with this little-used method isn’t the norm.

But Gary and Jennifer Bearchell made $15,000 a year their first two years in this unique real estate business.

That means $1,250 in “extra” cash every month.

Almost any boomer can tap into this income stream.

You could even collect this income stream while on vacation, from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.

Now let’s look at another simple stream of income you could include to make your retirement great.

This next idea helps you make “bonus payments” on stocks you already own… in just a few minutes a month!

In fact it could bring in somewhere between $680 and $1,900 a month or more.

This method is very simple, once you know the secret.

But I’d guess maybe one in 50 shareholders ever uses this nifty technique to take advantage of Wall Street’s greed.

Time commitment?

How about less than half an hour a month once you get it set up.

And the best part of this income stream is your growth investments could just keep on growing.

You could say this “bonus payment” tactic is the laziest way to make money.

You can even use it on growth stocks you’ve always wanted to own, but haven’t acquired because you need more income.

In essence, you can play both sides!

One of my readers, Nick, wrote me:

“I used this method on some of my existing holdings and some I wanted to buy for an additional $5,903.59 profit over March, April and part of May. This method is awesome. Thanks!!!”

That’s $1,967 a month… all from typing 18 characters into his online broker each time he wants extra money!

Another reader, Elaine H., recently wrote me and said:

“So far I have collected $1,742 with more on the way.”

And Allan M. wrote me to say he’s collected $2,729 in the last four months.

That’s an average of $545 per month for just a few minutes of “work” using this “bonus payment” method!

Of course, not every strategy I recommend to collect income is “set it and forget it” or as simple as collecting a paycheck.

Parts of this strategy carry an element of risk. Like any investment, you may not win every single time, and you could lose money.

However, I believe that utilizing this method and hedging it with other ways to collect income is your best bet to become wealthier.

And this plan is diversified, which is a conservative strategy.

Finally, how would you like to be paid to get healthier?

With most boomers concerned about health and wellness, this could be a powerful way to get paid to improve both.

As of right now, if you’re up to 65 years old and meet the qualification, you could make $6,300 in just a few days over a three-month period helping doctors determine what works for people like you!

That’s $2,100 a month for assisting fellow Americans.

And if you’re up to 70, don’t worry, there are still plenty of opportunities.

One of them pays up to $5,000 over just a nine-day period!

That’s over $550 a day.

These examples are just a taste of the ideas you could use to create a significant retirement income.

Using this information, you may never have to worry about living on a “fixed income” in your 60s, 70s… even in your 80s!

And you can get the scoop today on how to create your ultimate retirement lifestyle formula, and the book won’t cost you anything.

Because YOU will be armed with a unique road map chock full of 47 loopholes, hacks and rare info I guarantee you’ll never find in one place.

All you have to do is follow simple directions.

And follow the lead of the first entrepreneurial president we’ve had in decades.

That is, IF you’re among the one in 10,000 to be lucky enough to get this free book: Zach Scheidt’s Big Book of Income: 47 Work-Free Ways to Live a Rich Retirement.


Look, you’ll never get this information compiled by the “mainstream” financial media.

The media is too slanted to see the genius of the idea behind Trump’s smart income “hack.”

And you can’t buy this book on, or anywhere else for that matter.

But this rare book is yours free. I’ll tell you how to get it shortly.

Why Not Let Your Lifestyle
Drive Your Income?

Zach Scheidt’s Big Book of Income is stuffed with smart ways to turn activities you enjoy doing into cash flow.

Cash flow you can use to retain your independence, and “retire” in style.

Want to take a trip to investigate your Irish heritage?


No problem!

You won’t be “stuck” living off your IRA and Social Security, so you could afford it because your income is no longer “fixed.”

In fact, it’s as scalable as you need.

Always wanted a Mercedes Benz luxury car… but not the payments to go with it?

Again, no sweat.

I can show you how to turn it into a profit center that pays your car payment and still allows you to pocket a few hundred extra dollars a month!

How about that vacation home where you and the wife could breathe in crisp, clean air on a mountain lake in Idaho? (Or anywhere, for that matter…)

You got it!

Plus you can turn it into thousands of dollars in net income any month you want to!

You see, with this book, you get many opportunities to make quick, easy money during retirement.

So if the stock or bond market takes a dive… you’ll be insulated, because your income protects you from having to make a bad decision to sell at the wrong time.

Relying on the basic principles behind Trump’s “Income Hack,” this information gives you ultimate peace of mind, no matter what the economy looks like.

You’ll find how to create your dream retirement cash flow tucked inside your copy of Zach Scheidt’s Big Book of Income.

I promise.

And I’ll prove it too.

Just allow me to send you a complimentary copy of Zach Scheidt’s Big Book of Income – and you’ll soon see what I mean.

Within a few days of getting the book, you’ll have all the ideas you need to customize your cash flow.

It could be as few as a couple of simple ideas.

It could be more.

Your choice.

Because the way you use these ideas is individualized and completely up to you and your desires.

And with your own custom mix – you can design the lifestyle YOU want to live.

Some of them are so easy it’s like cheating the system.

Like this one…

One Simple Two Minute “Trick” to Boost
Your Social Security Benefits by $570 a Month!

Any baby boomer not currently collecting Social Security needs to see this “trick.”

It’s a one-time “chore” that will significantly boost your monthly income the rest of your life.

So if that’s you, let me show you how to add up to $150,000 to your lifetime benefit.

This gem could literally pay you up to six figures over the years, but it takes just under an hour to implement!

That’s about $6,800 a year for at least the next 22 years.

You could find out this idea on your own, but using the internet to do it could eat up hours upon hours… and you still may not find it.

It’s a simple idea… but less than three retirees in 100 use it.

You see, over 97% of retirees don’t receive the maximum amount of Social Security benefits allowed by law.

But now, you could join the tiny minority of retirees getting ALL of the benefits you are entitled to.

And why not?

After all, you paid in for decades – why not get your fair share instead of letting the government keep it?

Look, there are hundreds of books out there on how to maximize your benefits.

But the problem is they think “more ideas are better.”

So you get hit in the face with a firehose of ideas… when all you really need is this ONE idea.

And it won’t take but two minutes of extra paperwork to collect your $570 a month.

Just read page 149, and get ready to start collecting your extra $150,000 in lifetime benefits.

A few moments of “work” and you get paid again and again and again.

It’s the ultimate in “set it and forget it” income!

Zach Scheidt’s Big Book of Income is the ONLY book available with all these simple ideas you can use to create a personalized cash flow plan that:

And the best part is, you could get started as early as tomorrow, even if you still have a job.

But in a little time, you may say goodbye to a J-O-B forever.

(And still feel secure your self-made income could hypothetically even beat what you’re making now, in a whole lot less time, and in a much more enjoyable way!)

Just take a look at some of your options…

Choose Your Smart Income Mix –
and Potentially Double Your Cash Flow!

Zach Scheidt’s Big Book of Income is the only system in the world designed using the central idea behind Trump’s “Income Hack.”


Pick the ideas that excite you and like President Trump, you’ll never feel like you’re “working” a day for the rest of your life.

You could choose two, three, four ideas… or more.

It’s up to you.

And then you’ll have what you need to secure your dream lifestyle with smart, proven ideas like:

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – there are 35 more ideas to make stress-free income for all the things you plan on enjoying during retirement!

Just create your enhanced cash flow based on the idea behind Trump’s “Income Hack.”

I’ve written this book specifically for baby boomers, just like you.

Let me explain why.

Trump’s “Hack” for Your Self-Made Retirement

By the way, my name is Zachary Scheidt.

I’m a former hedge fund manager who has worked with high-achieving boomers and ran their huge accounts.

My clientele put their faith in me to take care of their multimillion-dollar assets because I specialized in getting better-than-market returns with lower-than-market risk.

Sure, I made a lot of money.

Not just for my clients, but myself.

But I never felt gratified by working exclusively with the “upper crust.”

So about four years ago, I switched gears and took a lead position with an independent financial research firm.

Now I help “regular folks” who remind me of the friends I go to church with.

Which brings me to why this income-generating formula I created was inspired by our 45th president, Donald J. Trump.

See, America is about to be great again, thanks to conservative values.

And you can play an important part.

You see, our founding fathers were rugged individualists who knew the power of small businesses.

And now we have our first billionaire president, a serial entrepreneur who discovered the very same principles behind a “hack” the rich have been using since capitalism began.

Using these principles, Trump worked smart to amass a multibillion-dollar net worth.

Now you can use them too, the smart way, in minutes a day.

Because I’ve built this formula so you can make your retirement great and not eat up a lot of time or energy.

And at its core, you’ll discover the idea behind this powerful “hack” Trump has used over his entire business life.

What is that “hack”?

Imagine the mighty Mississippi river for a moment.

mississippi river

Where it meets the Gulf of Mexico, it pours in the equivalent of 1,000 moving trucks of water per SECOND!

But does it start that way?

Of course not.

Like many rivers, its headwaters are but a relative trickle.

But as it flows south, other rivers and streams join the river, multiplying the water every few miles.

Each stream that joins the river adds to its size and majesty.

And by the time it hits the Gulf of Mexico, it’s massive.

The same principle applies to cash flow.

You can call it multiple streams of income.

You see, to create true wealth, you need multiple dependable income flows, just like Trump.

That way if one source dries up, others are still churning out cash flow.

It’s one of the most conservative ways to keep income rolling in.

One stream joins another, and another, until suddenly it adds up to something mighty.

Just like Trump’s business empire.

Want proof?

Just take a look at Trump’s multiple streams:

Multiple streams of income are the greatest “hack” for a safe, diversified income stream, and the wealthy have taken advantage of it for generations!

That’s exactly why I’ve researched so many different cash flow streams for you.

Streams you can collect until they add up to a powerful river of cash flooding your bank account.

The income streams I recommend for you are obviously going to be in a different league than Trump’s streams…

After all, I doubt you’re a billionaire.

And further, this formula won’t make you a billionaire like Trump, but it’s smart like him, because it revolves around things you already do, assets you can turn into cash flow and things you enjoy doing.

And like Trump’s business, it’s diversified with multiple streams of income – THE most conservative way to build cash flow.

With 47 cash flow streams you can choose from, you have everything you need to create your perfect cash flow scenario.

All you have to do is create your ideal mix.

And you’ll see exactly how when you claim your free copy of Zach Scheidt’s Big Book of Income.

Here’s another quick idea…

The Secret to Earning Up to 7%
as a Modern-Day Loan Shark

With the financial mess Obama got us into, I highly doubt interest rates will go up much for the next year or so.

And a paltry 0.96% on a USAA three-year certificate of deposit is a losing proposition at best.

Heck, that’s less than one percent!

How about you juice that return by almost NINE times, with barely more risk?

Become a modern-day loan shark!

I’ll show you how in Zach Scheidt’s Big Book of Income.

Just log into the website I show you on page 119 and sidestep the greedy banks… the only ones making money on these super low rates.

And you won’t have to hire Guido to collect, because this site does rigorous screening of almost $16 billion in loans.

In fact, they only approve 10% of potential loans.

This ensures that only the most responsible and qualified candidates are taking out loans – and therefore most likely to pay them back.

Which is why only four loans in 100 ever miss their payments.

Invest “jumbo” in a basket of multiple loan grades and relatively equal note size and you could collect up to 7% with a 99.9% chance of positive returns.


That’s about two points better than junk bonds with a fraction of the risk.

And with the Fed’s decision to boost rates, this stream of income could rise even higher in the next three years.

How’s that for being smart?

I bet President Trump would think so.

It’s like “negotiating” a better rate without all the talk!

Find out how in Zach Scheidt’s Big Book of Income.

But if you want your free copy, you must act quickly…

Only 450 Copies Available Today
Claim Yours Before They’re Gone

I have a very limited supply of Zach Scheidt’s Big Book of Income available today. So if you’re interested in getting a copy, I’ll tell you how in a moment.

But the fact is, our free books never last that long.

Which means when they’re gone, they’re gone for a while.

Of course we will order more, but it could be a week or two before we’re restocked.

So I won’t insult your intelligence by telling you “this is your ONLY chance” and force you into a quick decision.

That’s not my style.

And you deserve better than that.

But I should tell you this book isn’t for everyone.

See, I want to make sure this one-of-a-kind formula gets into the right hands. (I’ll explain who shortly…)

The more qualified people I put this in the hands of, the more I could keep from greatly downsizing their retirement dreams.

And that could have a powerful effect on my future readership.

Naturally, the bigwigs in management here think I’m foolish giving this powerful book away for free.

But I’m a big believer in “sowing and reaping.”

That means I know if I sow the right seeds by providing this rare information, I’ll reap the rewards of loyal readers for years to come.

That’s why I poured my heart and soul into this book.

It’s taken months to find the right ideas that could begin churning out cash flow in a matter of days.

And you probably know the time value of money waits for no one.

A dollar collected today is better than a dollar collected a week, month or year later.

So Zach Scheidt’s Big Book of Income is chock-full of little-known strategies, tricks and “loopholes” it would take you years to uncover on your own.

Years you could use generating income starting NOW!

And the best part is, the ideas I’ll share with you are far better than the alternatives.

Truth told, I always hate it when a retiree has to get a job as a Wal-Mart greeter just to make ends meet.

Sure, for the right person being a greeter could be fun… but you deserve more than a minimum wage job after your decades of contributing to society.

Don’t you agree?

That’s why I spent months finding ideas that allow you to hold your head up high by leveraging many of the very things you do right now.

Almost no one will know what you’re doing to bring in all that extra cash.

So sure, you can “think about it” for a while, and maybe wait a few weeks to claim your free book…

But ask yourself this…

How much income could you miss out on this week because you waited?

Could it have been enough to pay for a fishing trip to Florida this winter?

Or enough to surprise your wife with an elegant dinner out at that new French restaurant in town?

Or even enough to write a nice check to your church next Sunday?

church prayer

Of course, it’s up to you.

Whether you claim your book today or sleep on it is 100% your call.

But before you make a decision, let me tell you this…

All you have to do is simply try out our income research at MY risk and I’ll send you this one-of-a-kind book for free as my way of saying thanks.

And you can continue to get more little-known income ideas every month for as long as you want them.

But if you don’t like what I’m doing for you, you can keep the book with no strings attached.

Sound reasonable?

Then I’ll tell you how to get your free book in a minute.

But first I need to ask you this…

Do You Have the
“Right Hands” for This Formula?

As I mentioned, Zach Scheidt’s Big Book of Income needs to get into the right hands.

Since these books are in such limited supply, I want them to go to a certain kind of person.

That way the impact of this rare formula gets magnified.

So if you’re the type who is “all talk, no action”… you’re the “wrong hands.”

If you have good intentions, but don’t finish what you start… you’re the “wrong hands.”

If you’re a liberal, you’re definitely the wrong hands, because these ideas are not based around handouts.

And when the “wrong hands” people claim a copy, they just take away the opportunity for the RIGHT people.

So if you’re “wrong hands,” I’d prefer you pass on the book.

Because I’m looking to give this book to people who are willing to put it into action.

It’s for people who aren’t afraid to put in a little “elbow grease” for a retirement lifestyle of travel and adventure, staying fit and well both mentally and physically, and being playful for the rest of their days.

In other words, someone who wants to be comfortably self-sufficient in retirement and is willing to do something to help their cause!

Look, I’m not promising you’ll live the life of the rich and famous with this book.

And you will have to put out some smart effort to boost your retirement cash flow.

But you can lead a more “rich” lifestyle by adding $1,000 or more to your monthly income with pretty minimal effort.

And heck, it can be FUN to bring in that extra cash with the right mix!

But only if YOU can make it happen.

So if you’re the type who is ready, willing and able to put smart ideas to “work” (I’ll show you exactly how), then by all means, claim your free copy.

The simple, powerful and profitable ideas inside can help you redefine what retirement is all about.

Are you ready to put Zach Scheidt’s Big Book of Income to the test?

First let me show you one more way to have fun boosting your cash flow…

How to Turn Your Boat From “a Hole in
the Water You Pour Money Into” to a
Cash Cow That Brings in $1,995 a Month…
in Pure Profit!

The average boat owner uses his vessel a whopping 14 days a year.

But you’re still on the hook for repairs, maintenance, mooring and more!

There’s an old saying, “The best two days of a boat owner’s life are buying and selling their boat.”

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In fact, it can make you some pretty nice money!

How would you like to turn it into a $1,900 a month income… or more?

And if you don’t own a boat, and you’ve been looking for an excuse to get one, this may be an exciting idea for your formula.

Now the day you get that boat will be one of your best days – but you’ll never want to sell it because you enjoy paydays and paydays and more paydays.

How does it work?

The detailed instructions you’ll find on page 175 in your free copy of Zach Scheidt’s Big Book of Income, but I’ll give you a quick overview.


The first thing you do is visit a little-known website you’ll find in the book.

You sign up, which is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a techie.

In fact the skills it took you to visit this webpage are almost all you need.

Once you’re signed up, the magic begins.

The website takes care of just about everything.

All you do is give the final okay.

And as one user says, “It’s fun! It’s your own business; you get the checks on Tuesday. It’s real.”

Now before you go worrying about your boat, let me reassure you, this website will take care of you.

There are several sites doing something similar, but the one you’ll see in my book goes over the top to protect you.

In fact they’ll guard your boat with an incredible $2,000,000 in protection from Lloyd’s of London!

What are people saying?

“This website has allowed us to keep our boat maintenance up to date and very unexpectedly has introduced us to a lot of new friends.”

Dan K., Alameda, CA

“This website has given me an opportunity to share my love of boating with visitors from all over the world, all while earning additional income.”

Lorna T., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“I don't have to worry about marketing, logistics and most importantly insurance and have recently added a second boat to my fleet to do more this year.”

Dmitry B., Herndon, VA

It’s like a boat owner’s dream!

How much could you make?

Let’s look at some examples.

A 2003, 28-foot Cobalt on a lake in Washington state could make you $1,995 for just five days a month.

In Missouri City, TX, a 2009, 23-foot Yamaha boat could bring in $1,650 over six days a month.

Have (or want) a sailboat?

A 1980-built Islander 36' in the Bay Area of California could produce $3,150 in just seven days!

How about one of those tri-hull party boats?

Near me, in Gainesville, GA, you could bring in $1,350 in three days with a 2003, 23-foot SunCatcher tritoon!

Thinking bigger?

In North Miami, a 2007, 37’ Sea Ray could produce a whopping $6,000 in five days!

Here’s the bottom line.

If you love boating, adding this particular income stream into your formula could make you happy as a dolphin riding your bow wave.

You could even build your fleet and make more money and have more choices for fun and adventure.

But the point is, this idea turns “dead money” into almost instant income.

And if you’re not into boats, what about an RV?

You could easily use this same principle with a recreational vehicle.

You could turn a Class A 37-foot Holiday Rambler built in 2003 into $1,225 in just seven days!

Or a 27-foot Airstream trailer built in 1957 could put $1,400 in your pocket in only eight days a month.

And a Class C Sprinter 24’ van could pay you $925 in only five days.

Oh, don’t worry, you’ll also be insured to the tune of $1,000,000!

And in your free copy of Zach Scheidt’s Big Book of Income, I’ll give you the step-by-step plan for turning both boats and RVs into raging income streams.

Look, you don’t have to live on a fixed income and drastically downgrade your lifestyle and enjoyment.

You can have your cake… and eat it too!

All you need is to take advantage of the idea behind Trump’s “Income Hack”!

Imagine how it would feel to be secure in the fact that you can live the “good life” during retirement as a self-made, cash-flow-generating, lifestyle-driven man!

It would feel empowering, right?

Here’s how you can claim your free copy right now, before today’s supply is gone…

Zach Scheidt’s Big Book of Income
Is Not for Sale Anywhere, Online or Off

Here’s How to Claim Your Free Copy Today


If I was selling Zach Scheidt’s Big Book of Income, I don’t know how I could put a price tag on this rare information.

Remember that only one in 10,000 will ever have access to this powerful book, modeled after our 45th president’s “hack” for creating multiple streams of income.

Look, you know how fast things are changing these days.

The economy, tax laws and our soaring debt could change the financial landscape just as the huge boomer population marches toward retirement.

There’s never been a bigger generation of Americans at risk than yours.

Yet there’s also never been a generation so prepared to handle it, if they have the right information and act on it.

Younger generations are just too lazy to act, so it’s up to the boomer generation to lead us back to a new, golden age of smart entrepreneurs.

All you have to do is pick a few ideas and you could secure your enhanced retirement cash flow that fits perfectly with your lifestyle.

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Just like President Trump.

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Ten Times Better Income

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“This is the same strategy I’ve been using for 25 years. I can attest that it DOES work. I did exactly what you mentioned, using only money I did not need for immediate purposes. I started then with $25,000, and have built this into the millions while being able to give away millions in the process.”

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Lifetime Income Report will pay for itself hundreds of times over during your first year – I guarantee it. If I’m wrong, and you’re not thrilled with my research – or you don’t feel like it’s a good fit for you – I don’t want your money. Just call my customer care department – they usually answer within 2 rings. They’ll make sure you get every cent back. No questions, quibbles or hassles. And of course you can keep the books as my gift. Remember, this guarantee lasts for an entire year. If you cancel the day before your subscription ends, we’ll still refund everything.

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Easy-to-Hide Assets
That Can Make You a Fortune


Plus, today you’ll get another free special report that shows you how to “cloak” certain assets from the prying eyes of the Feds.

That means unlike stocks, bonds, mutual funds and “standard” investments you keep in your brokerage account – and the financial reporting that goes along with it – these three assets can be held at home or any other location that makes sense.

I call them the ABCs of cloaking, and they’re not only lucrative investments in their own right, but they can be a lot more fun.

So you can “hide” them in plain sight as they compound over time.

And the best part is, with the right ABCs you have strong potential to trounce stock market returns, without enduring all of the market’s wild gyrations!

In the report, you’ll discover:

I’ll admit, you need to be interested in any of these ideas before you commit to one or more. In fact, the more interested and passionate you are about any of them could mean you’ll be building equity while enjoying the investments.

You’ll get all the details in your report, Easy-to-Hide Assets That Can Make You a Fortune.

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The Only Two Calls You Can Make…

Look, you can secure your slice of the “good life” and not compromise, scale down or shortchange this next 1/3 of your life.

Zach Scheidt’s Big Book of Income is a one-of-a-kind resource that helps you personalize multiple streams of income that fit like a glove.

You can change your mix anytime and add ideas for more cash flow anytime you like.

Maybe you want to finance a castle-touring trip to Italy with your wife…

Or you want a new Harley that would have been out of your budget…

Or perhaps you just want the respect that comes along with being a self-made, independent man in retirement.

I can’t assume to know your motivation.

But you truly can redefine what retirement is all about.

I would be honored to help put you on that path if it’s right for you.

Or You Can Take the Chance on Passing

Naturally, you could just pass on the chance of claiming your free book and trial subscription.

You have the right to say no and let someone else take your opportunity, even though they may not be as deserving as you.

Because the books are first come, first served until I run out today.

But it would be a crying shame to miss out on taking advantage of President Trump’s “Income Hack” that could help you live well during retirement.

A retirement that could last 30 years or more…

Do you have time to wait?

There’s an old Chinese proverb that may supply your answer...

“The best time to plant a tree was 30 years ago.
The second best time is now.”

Look, I know you may not need me to live the good life and be happy over the next 30 years.

You could potentially research all of these ideas on your own.

But I guarantee you’ll never find them all in one place… and it could take years to assemble them on your own, if at all.

So before you make a decision…

Just think of one idea I’ve shared with you today that got you excited.

Imagine yourself using that idea and how it feels being a self-made, cash flow wizard of a man.

Do you think it’s worth a shot?

Only you can make that call.

You can get started today.

You can do your part to make America great again, starting with taking care of yourself in retirement.

All you need do is click on the “Subscribe Now” button below this presentation.

And again, you’re not obligated to anything except a “test drive” of my service.

Imagine raising your retirement income by up to 60% or more… just by using this rare information.

That button below takes you to an ultra-secure order form where you can confirm everything you get with your risk-free trial.

If you want to guarantee your free copy of Zach Scheidt’s Big Book of Income before today’s supply is exhausted, simply click the “Subscribe Now” button below.

All my best,

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Zachary Scheidt
Editor, Lifetime Income Report
February 2017

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P.S. I always say, follow the money. By following this blueprint inspired by President Trump’s income “hack,” your dream retirement could finally be within reach. You’ll have complete control to make your retirement great… and this free book is your guide. But they won’t last long, so get started today.


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