The Electric Vehicle Boom is Dead!

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Just take a look at these headlines…

“General Motors Sold Over 200,000 EVs In 2020” “Toyota Unveils New EV, Joins Volkswagen’s Bet on Electric Future” “2021’s World Car of the Year goes to the electric Volkswagen ID.4” “Ford boosts electric vehicle spending to more than $30 billion” “BMW’s Electric Vehicles Will Make Up Half Of Sales By 2030” “Honda Aims To Go All-Electric By 2040” “Mazda reveals its first electric vehicle: meet the Mazda MX-30” “Porsche Taycan sales surge as the electric vehicle becomes one of the brand’s most important cars”

Notice a pattern?

The world’s largest automakers are all going on a massive EV spending spree — starting this year.

CNBC reports that Ford just pledged to spend $30 billion on EV production…

GM just revealed its own pledge to spend $35 billion…

And Reuters reports that Honda and Volkswagen have pledged over $46 billion and $86 billion respectively.

I could go on and on, but you get the picture…

Together, major car companies are betting over $250 BILLION on electric vehicles.

Animated CHART: Automaker EV Spending. Bar Chart of Ford’s $30 billion, followed by GM, Honda, Volkswagen, and finally “TOTAL (Including Others) $250 Billion”

And every single one of them is going to need “Project I.C.S.” to make their huge investments pay off.

It’s the last critical component that will lead EVs to truly widespread adoption… an electric car in nearly every driveway, in other words.

Like I said, Forbes recently published an article that said, point blank:

The EV Revolution is Doomed Without [‘Project I.C.S.’]

Put another way, without “Project I.C.S.”…

Every single carmaker in the world could stand to lose BILLIONS of dollars.

Do you really think the biggest, most famous companies, critical to the American economy, would let that happen?

Me neither.

That means no matter how you feel about electric vehicles…

They’re about to completely change how we live, work, travel and do business — forever.

And that could mean staggering profit opportunities for early movers like you.

But NOT by investing in those giant, powerhouse automakers.

Sure, those companies could easily go up during this EV boom — in fact, I bet they will

But most of them are already huge companies — with high stock prices to match.

So your BEST CHANCE at the biggest gains in this market will come from the little-known “I.C.S.” revolution you’re about to discover.

And the tiny off-the-radar stock I mentioned earlier is the KEY player in the game right now.

But before I get into all the details, you need to know something VITALLY important:

“Project I.C.S.” is NOT some vague or uncertain trend!


This massive development is 100% CONFIRMED — and it’s happening RIGHT NOW!

And you can either get on board today…

Or risk completely missing the boat.

It’s as simple as that.

But you don’t have to take my word for it.

This has actually happened before…

How the “Grandfather of I.C.S.” Gave Americans a NEW Kind of Freedom… And the Chance at Outsized Profits

In 1955, if you wanted to take a road trip across the United States you only had a few options.

The most iconic, of course, is the famous Route 66 — which would take you from the small towns of the Midwest all the way to Los Angeles and the gorgeous California coast.

Route 66

Along the way, you’d see America at its most beautiful — at a time when life moved at a slightly slower pace.

American Mountains

You’d pull off the road to fuel up at a local gas station on the outskirts of a small town, and make idle chit-chat with the friendly attendant…

Old gas station

You’d drive down the Main Streets of every corner of America, taking notice of how their soda shops and five and dimes all looked roughly the same, but somehow felt distinctly different…

Small town America

You’d stop at a diner, like the one you see here, for a home-cooked meal and a friendly conversation with the waitress behind the counter…


When you were tired, you’d pull off the road and get a warm bed at one of the newly established motels you’d seen so many signs for…


And when it was time to get back on the road, you’d stop at one of the new convenience stores that had just opened for a quick bite to eat and an ice-cold Coke.

Old convenience store

This kind of experience was new in the mid-1950s.

And it was the beginning of America’s love affair with the open road.

Since then, the freedom to go wherever we want, whenever we want has only gotten stronger.

It’s grown alongside our love of fast cars and our desire to see everything America has to offer.

That’s partly why, in 1956, President Eisenhower signed the Federal Aid Highway Act — which created the massive and intricate highway system we have today…

And kicked off one of the biggest growth booms in American history.

Eisenhower In front of Highway Sign

See, the U.S. highway system opened the entire map of this country to every single American citizen from coast to coast.

It created freedom, in other words.

And that’s why I call this one act the “Grandfather of I.C.S.”…

Because just like the U.S. highway system before it, “Project I.C.S.” is going to create a brand-new kind of freedom for the new trillion-dollar EV market.

I’ll explain how in just a second, but first, you need to know just how MASSIVE the development of the U.S. highway system actually was…

3X Growth From America’s Highway Boom

The first, and most obvious impact the American highway system had was on the auto industry…

Take GM, for example…

In 1956 — the same year President Eisenhower signed the Federal Aid Highway Act — GM upped their capital spending to $8.9 BILLION (adjusted for inflation) — a record at the time.

They knew that a major highway system across the U.S. was going to have an incredible, unstoppable impact on the American car industry.

And it paid off handsomely…

Over the next decade, GM saw one of the greatest expansions in modern history.

And by 1964 — less than 10 years later — they had doubled their expansion to roughly $17 BILLION.

Bar chart showing GM doubling capital spending in just 8 years (1956 to 1964)

That is a staggering growth rate, and of course, GM continued that trend for the next 25+ years — and helped cement them as one of America’s powerhouse companies.

That’s the kind of impact the Interstate Highway System had on one of America’s biggest industries.

I see it happening again with “Project I.C.S.” — and the 3 stocks I’ll tell you about today could have a similar growth phase over the next decade.

But the U.S. auto industry was just one obvious sector that exploded thanks to the development of the highway system…

Countless other industries blew up practically overnight thanks to the growth of America’s highways.

It expanded the market for things like convenience stores, fast-food restaurants, hotel chains and a variety of roadside attractions.

Take McDonald’s, for example…

In 1966, McDonald’s was trading for just $0.12 a share (adjusted for stock splits and inflation over time).

But over the next several years, more and more golden arches started popping up all over the country — thanks in large part to the new highway system.

By 1971, just five short years later, the stock had more than tripled to over $0.36 a share:

Chart showing 200% increase for McDonald’s Corporation. Chart shows 1966-1971

That’s a 200% increase in just over five years.

Today, McDonald’s is one of the biggest companies in the world and trades for over $238 a share — a gain of 192,256% from where it started:

Chart showing 192,000% increase for McDonald’s Corporation. Chart shows 1966-2021

That’s a staggering amount of gains — and of course they happened over decades.

But that is the kind of profit potential I see from the I.C.S. stocks I’ve identified today.

Because “Project I.C.S.” is going to be just as important as the Interstate Highway System.

And it’s going to have far-reaching effects on every aspect of American life.

For example, highways created a massive new demand for hotel and motel chains — that allowed companies like Motel 6, Holiday Inn and Marriott to flourish.

In fact, Motel 6 opened its first location in June of 1962 and has been in continuous operation ever since!

Or how about Marriott — one of America’s premiere hotel chains…

It took less than 3 years for Marriott’s share price to go from just $9.26 to over $23.16 a share — a gain of over 146%:

Chart showing 146% increase for Marriott International, Inc. Chart shows 1998 — 2001

Today, it’s another major household name — and trades for $153 a share — a massive 819% since the late ’90s:

Chart showing 819% increase for Marriott International, Inc. Chart shows 1998 — 2021

And of course, the oil and gas industry exploded thanks to highways, too.

That caused a HUGE spike in the growth of companies like Exxon, BP and Royal Dutch Shell.

In 1962, for example, BP was selling for just over $0.05 a share…

But by 1965 — just three short years later — the stock had almost tripled to over $0.15 a share:

Chart showing 172% increase for BP. Chart shows 1962 to 1965

That’s a cool 172% in just over 3 years. Not too shabby.

But over the next decade the stock went ballistic, and by 1972 it was trading for over $0.30 a share — a gain of over 441%:

Chart shows 441% increase for BP. Chart shows 1962 to 1972

Today, BP stations are in every town in America, and the stock trades for over $24 a share — more than 43,284% higher than where it started in 1962:

Chart shows 43,284% increase for BP. Chart shows 1962 to 2021

Again, that’s clearly a MASSIVE amount of growth over the last four decades. And these are rare and extraordinary examples — not every company in these markets experienced the same success, if any at all.

But the fact remains…

The 3 I.C.S. companies I’ll discuss with you today have this EXACT kind of potential.

These companies could see a similar double or triple in just a few short years thanks to the explosion of the EV market…

And every one of them has the potential to be the next household name like McDonald’s or Marriott.

See, the Interstate Highway System created a MAJOR inflection point in U.S. history…

And led to enormous amounts of wealth for those who invested in the companies that profited the most — before the trend kicked into high gear.

Now, it’s poised to happen again with “Project I.C.S.” and the 3 stocks I’ll tell you about today.

This year — 2021 — we’ll see another major inflection point that fundamentally changes the face of America — just like the “Grandfather of I.C.S.” did 65 years ago.

And it’s all thanks to the booming EV market.

But as EV production ramps up, there’s one MAJOR problem keeping them from going “mainstream”…

It’s a problem that needs to be solved before you, me and everyone we know runs out to buy a new electric vehicle.

It all boils down to one thing:


That’s exactly what “Project I.C.S.” is going to solve once and for all…

Because without “Project I.C.S.”…

The EV Boom Will Be DEAD in the Water!

Right now, we are at a tipping point in the future of electric vehicles.

Just like in 1997, when Amazon revolutionized how we shop online…

online shopping

Or in 2007, when the iPhone revolutionized the entire cell phone industry…

people with cell phones

This year will be seen as the very beginning of a revolutionary BOOM in electric vehicles.

electric vehicles

And just like those other technologies created a once-in-a-generation profit opportunity for early investors…

The same thing is happening today with EVs.

That’s why the smart money is already loading up on EV-related stocks — and next year could be too late.

So you can either act now, or sit on the sidelines and let other people make a fortune from this opportunity.

See, this is the first time in HISTORY where demand for EVs could start to outpace gas-powered cars.

Animated CHART – Global sales of EVs from Q1 and Q2 of 2021 with a line curving up to peak at 160%]

It’s why global sales of electric vehicles increased by 160% in the first half of 2021…

And why every carmaker in the world is getting in on the trend.


Without a serious upgrade to our current charging infrastructure…

The EV boom in the U.S. will be over before it starts.


Because charging issues are still the BIGGEST thing keeping people from buying an electric vehicle.

According to an article published by Forbes:

The three most common [reasons people don’t buy EVs]… were concerns over EVs’ range, their high prices relative to gas models and a lack of charging infrastructure in the area.

And a prominent YouGov poll last year found that:

Charging time (21%) and the hassle of charging (20%) are two of the top reasons why those in the market for a new vehicle would not consider an electric vehicle (EV).

So demand for EVs is NOT the issue.

People are ready to make the switch.

Just not until there’s a serious upgrade to our current charging system.

That’s where “I.C.S.” or the “Interstate Charging System” comes in.

Why “Project I.C.S.” Is the CRITICAL Catalyst That Will Send the EV Market EXPLODING 10X Higher

According to a recent Barron’s article, there could be roughly 15 million or more EVs on U.S. roads by 2030 — up from just 1.5 million today.

Animated Bar Chart showing 2021 with only 1.5 million cars and another showing 2030 and 15 million cars and an arrow with the words “10X Growth” above it

That’s a staggering 10X growth in less than 10 years!

And a viable “Interstate Charging System” is critically important to making that 10X growth a reality.

See, just like the Interstate Highway System before it…

I believe the Interstate Charging System will finally make it possible for EV drivers to travel anywhere in America with ZERO hassle.

When that happens — and people feel free to drive their electric car from coast to coast without worry…

A tidal wave of profits is going to flood into early-movers’ pockets.

But the biggest gains WON’T be made by investing in those already huge automakers…

The biggest possible gains will come from the tiny “Project I.C.S.” companies I’ve discovered that will pull the entire system together.

Remember the map I showed you earlier:

Image of the USA with roads overlayed and pink background that is a little splotchy out west

All that pink represents the proposed map for fast-charging stations across the country.

This is the kind of comprehensive coverage “Project I.C.S.” could provide around the U.S., both along highways and in communities…

And it is 100% necessary for the EV market to succeed.

Remember, the Forbes article I mentioned earlier said it best:

The EV Revolution is Doomed Without [‘Project I.C.S.’]

And for good reason.

Electric vehicle owners will need to be able to “fill up” within a few miles of knowing they’re low on charge — just like we do at gas stations today.

They’ll need to know they can drive wherever they want without fear of running out of charge.

In other words, they need the freedom that every other American car owner currently has.

The “Interstate Charging System” Will Give New American EV Owners The Freedom They Deserve

That’s a major reason we’ve seen such a massive surge in new EV and charging-related stocks to hit the market recently.

Companies like Canoo, Fisker Inc., Lordstown Motors, Nikola, Arrival and Hyliion are all huge new entries in the fast-growing EV market…

And they have all gone public within the last few years.

These companies can expect BILLIONS of dollars to flood into charging infrastructure deals very quickly…

And they’re betting it’s going to pay off BIG.

But the opportunities I’ve pinpointed today — especially the tiny, little-known company I mentioned earlier — stand to skyrocket even HIGHER as “Project I.C.S.” goes ballistic.

According to my research, that will start happening this year!

So your BEST chance to profit from this unstoppable trend begins NOW.

Because as I just mentioned, every major automaker is going “all in” on EVs…

And one HUGE announcement — from an unlikely source — just sent shockwaves through the market.

How the BEST-SELLING Vehicle in the U.S. Just Blew the Doors Off the EV Market

Now this may surprise you, but…

The best-selling automobile in the U.S. is NOT made by GM, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, or VW…

And it’s not a compact car, mid-sized sedan, luxury car or SUV…

In fact, America’s best-selling car isn’t even a car

It’s the Ford F-Series truck — which includes the Ford F-150.

And the craziest thing?

It’s been the best-selling vehicle in the U.S. for 39-straight years!

That is a mind-boggling statistic!

But in May, Ford took it a step further…

That’s when they officially announced the new, all-electric Ford F-150 Lighting.

And people can’t wait to get their hands on it.

In fact, demand was so high, Ford sold a staggering 44,500 pre-orders for the Lighting… In just 48 hours.

That’s incredible!

Clearly the release of the Lightning is major news for the EV market.

And by releasing an all-electric version of their flagship vehicle, Ford is making a bold statement…

EVs are the future of the auto industry.

In fact, Ford’s CEO Jim Farley recently told CNBC:

This is our biggest opportunity for growth and value creation since Henry Ford started to scale the Model T.”

This is an unstoppable trend, and Ford is NOT going to be left in the dust.

Every carmaker in the world sees it.

It’s why the number of EVs on the market will likely TRIPLE by 2026…

And why the development of “Project I.C.S.” — and the 3 I.C.S. stocks I’ve identified — could start skyrocketing as this flood of new EVs hits the market.

But that’s not the only reason I’m so confident in the future of “Project I.C.S.”

There’s another MAJOR factor that could make it all but certain…

The U.S. Government Plans to Spend $7.5 BILLION to Send “Project I.C.S.” Into Overdrive

On August 11th, the Senate passed a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill.

One of the major parts of the deal is for a massive network of fast-charging EV stations all over the U.S…

At a cost of roughly $7.5 BILLION.

If — or, more likely when — this law passes, it would be a huge investment in the future of American infrastructure…

It’s the core of “Project I.C.S.”…

And like the Federal Aid Highway Act before it, it could create money hand-over-fist for those who know how to play it.

A tidal wave of cash is all but set to flood into the fast-growing EV charging network.

And if you know how to play the trend NOW, you could make incredible, outsized profits thanks to this unstoppable market.

The 3 stocks I’ll tell you about today are your BEST chance at these kinds of gains .

In fact, they could absolutely EXPLODE starting this year!

Starting with…

I.C.S. Profit Supercharger #1:
Big Profits from the TOP Player in the EV Charging Game

The first company I’d like to share with you is quite literally the TOP player in the game right now.

They’ve been the industry leader for nearly 15 years — getting started early and expanding their technology right alongside the fast-growing EV market.

They’ve been there from the beginning, in other words, and they’ve gained a MAJOR foothold in the industry.

Currently, they operate the largest network of charging stations in the world, and have delivered over 90 million charging sessions to date.

This little-known company has already partnered with some of the world’s leading automakers — including names like Mercedes, BMW and Volvo to name a few.

And if that weren’t enough, they’ve also partnered with a major leasing management firm to help power their entire fleet of 1.9 million electric vehicles.

On top of all that, their chargers can also integrate with Tesla models with an adapter.

Obviously Tesla likes to keep things “in house” and would prefer Tesla owners to use their own proprietary charging stations…

But there is a way around that — which gives them a critical leg-up in the coming I.C.S. revolution.

A recent write-up on said:

The EV Boom Will Kickstart the Next Leg of Growth for [This Company]”

This tells me the stock is in prime position to deliver outsized profits as “Project I.C.S.” ramps up.

image of report

And I’ll give you all the details in my free report “I.C.S. Supercharger #1: Big Profits from the TOP Player in the EV Charging Game”.

Inside you’ll get the name and ticker symbol of this company, as well as growth expectations, a rundown of the company’s fundamentals and my immediate recommended buy price.

You’ll get instant access to this report as soon as I hear from you today.

But that’s just the first report I want to send you. You’ll also get…

I.C.S. Profit Supercharger #2:
Shocking Gains from the Next I.C.S. Power Player

This next company is a smaller player in the future of “Project I.C.S.” but it has just as much potential.

First off, this company knows that strong charging infrastructure is CRITICAL to the future of EV adoption in the U.S. — particularly along major highways.

It’s why they were recently awarded a $12.5 million grant to install a handful of DC fast-charging stations along one of the busiest stretches of highway in America.

Now, DC fast-charging stations are the FUTURE of EV charging infrastructure.

They are vitally important to the success of “Project I.C.S.”, as I’ll explain in a moment.

But the most important thing about this company is that it’s constantly expanding its market share.

In fact, they’ve been gobbling up competitors left and right.

Since Sept. of 2020, they’ve acquired three different players in the EV charging market… And they show no signs of slowing down.

In short, if they see a competitor that can give them an edge, they’ll go out and acquire it.

Add to that their already massive base of 190,000+ registered members and 24,000+ locations worldwide, and you’ve got a MAJOR player on your hands.

image of report

I’d like to give you all the details in my second report, “I.C.S. Supercharger #2: Shocking Gains from the Next I.C.S. Power Player”.

Again, you can get immediate access to this special report today — which includes the name, ticker symbol, recommended buy price and complete rundown of this company’s growth expectations.

I want to send it ALL to you just seconds from now.

But before I tell you how to claim it, there’s still ONE MORE incredible company I want to tell you about today, and I’ve saved the best for last…

I.C.S. Profit Supercharger #3:
Massive Profits from a Fast-Charging Powerhouse

This is the BEST of the bunch — the tiny, off-the-radar company I’ve been telling you about from the very beginning.

This company has the MOST upside potential of ANY I.C.S. stock I’ve discovered.

Because they are lightyears ahead of the competition in one CRUCIAL area.

Recall a moment ago when I mentioned DC fast-charging stations — and why they’re going to be vitally important to the future I.C.S.

Now, without getting too technical, there are a few different kinds of charging stations…

They range from relatively slow, which can take hours to fully charge your car (i.e. the kind you’d use while you’re staying at home)…

All the way to the ultra-quick DC fast-charging stations — which can reduce the charge time to just 15 minutes.

Clearly, DC fast-charging is the direction “Project I.C.S.” will need to go — and this company is hands down the BEST in this critically important area.

They have the largest public network of DC fast-chargers in the country right now — and more than 130 million Americans live within just a 10 mile drive of one of their stations.

That gives them a huge advantage in the future of fast-charging around the U.S.

But here’s the BEST part…

They just signed an exclusive partnership deal with America’s #1 automaker that will put over 2,700 of their DC fast-charging stations in places all over the country!

That is HUGE news — especially for such a tiny company.

It’s hard to overstate how big this profit opportunity could be.

Getting a piece of it NOW could be like buying Apple in 2006, before they released the iPhone…

Or like buying Netflix in 2007 before video streaming took off like a rocket…

In short, this could be the biggest EV profit opportunity of the next DECADE.

It’s why MarketWatch said:

This company leads the way amid ‘hyperbolic growth’ for EV charging

And today, I’d like to give you all the details on this outsized opportunity in my new report, “I.C.S. Supercharger #3: Massive Profits from a Fast-Charging Powerhouse”.

image of report

Again, this full report includes my complete, top-down analysis of this company, as well as the name, ticker symbol and recommended buy price.

You can claim ALL 3 of the reports I just mentioned just seconds from now — and getting started couldn’t be easier.

I’ll show you how in just a minute, but first let me introduce myself…

My name is Ray Blanco, and I specialize in helping everyday Americans take BIG profits from the stock market.

I’ve spent the last 15 years of my life dedicated to finding the best profit opportunities in the world and sharing them with my 78,000+ loyal followers.

I’ve been featured multiple times on Fox Business News to offer my expert opinion on the fastest-moving tech and financial stories on the market.

Ray Blanco on TV

Throughout my career I’ve developed personal relationships with some of the most important CEOs and high-ranking corporate leaders in the world.

And my closest colleagues — guys like Jim Rickards, James Altucher and George Gilder — are TITANS in the tech and financial industries.

In short, I’ve spent my professional life becoming one of America’s go-to tech insiders.

That’s how, time and again, I’ve been able to discover some of the most lucrative trends and undervalued stocks on the market — and pinpoint the exact right time to invest in them.

For example, I first mentioned 5G technology to my readers all the way back in 2011.

At the time, most people didn’t even have 4G capabilities on their devices…

But I knew that this tech trend was about to be a game-changer — nearly a DECADE before most other people could even think of it.

Now, the global 5G market is expected to be worth as much as $90 billion by 2025:

Animated chart showing global size of the 5G market. Chart shows 2011 to 2025, starting at near $0 USD and ending at approximately $90 USD. Chart annotated ‘fastest growing mobile technology in history!’

Or in 2016, when I first alerted my readers to the booming pot stock market…

At the time, only a handful of states had legal marijuana laws — and very few people saw just how profitable it could be.

But I saw that a massive sea change was coming for pot stocks.

And sure enough, just a year later the pot market blew up — and it’s now expected to be worth over $97 billion by 2026:

Animated chart showing US Legal Cannabis Market Growth. Chart shows 2016 to 2027, starting at near $10 billion USD and ending at approximately $95 billion USD. Chart annotated ‘fastest growing mobile technology in history!’

I’m also directly dialed into the massive biotech sector and even had a phone call with the CEO of one of the most important biotech companies in America.

In fact, I called one of the big winners of the COVID-19 vaccine race — a full 6 months before they announced a successful vaccine.

Since then, Moderna has become a household name — and its stock has exploded:

Chart for Moderna (MRNA) from 2020 to 2021. Price starts near $35 USD and ends neaer $160 USD

But that’s not all…

I also saw the profit potential of commercial space exploration in 2019 — two years BEFORE Jeff Bezos launched himself into space.

At the time, most people laughed at the idea — and no one thought you could actually profit from it.

But I saw things differently — and told my readers to load up on shares of Virgin Galactic ASAP.

Just 5 short months later, we cashed out half that position for a nice 67% win.

Chart showing 67% increase in just 5 months for Virgin Galactic (SPCE) from August 2019 to January 2020

Then, we split the OTHER half of the trade between two more BIG triple-digit wins!

One for a killer 230% gain just one month later…

Chart showing 230% increase in just 6 months for Virgin Galactic (SPCE) from August 2019 to February 2020

And then another whopping 386% win in July of 2021 (just 18 short months after we initiated the trade):

Chart showing 386% increase in just 18 months for Virgin Galactic (SPCE) from August 2019 to June 2021

Over the years I’ve made dozens of important contacts in various industries — and become close colleagues with several CEOs and industry insiders.

That’s helped me stay far ahead of some of the biggest profit trends in the world — and has helped me call dozens of winning trades for my readers throughout my career.

I’m not saying this to brag. Just to prove to you that I know how to pick winning trades — year in and year out — in a variety of different markets.

In fact, so far this year, out of 16 closed positions, we’ve booked double or triple-digit gains on 13 of them, with just 3 small losses:

Image of portfolio with the ticker symbols blurred out, gains range from -15.74% to 231.06%

Now, not all of those positions were started this year — some actually originated a few years earlier.

And, of course, not all opportunities pan out.

All investing carries risk, and you should never invest more than you can reasonably afford to lose.

However, I have a proven track record for finding BIG gains in the markets.

And I deliver those profit opportunities straight to my readers.

Over the years they’ve written me hundreds of nice messages to tell me about the profits they’ve taken — and how their lives are better because of my research.

Like Robert B., for example, who wrote to tell me:

stock image of person

“I bought 300 shares of [Stock] in March at $9.01. Sold 75 @ $52.29 when you recommended to sell half [just 5 short months later]. Just sold 125 @$100.11 [after just 13 months in the position] and [I’m] letting the remaining 100 shares ride. So I invested $2,700, have sold $16,435 so far and still have $10,000 of the stock. Pretty spectacular.” -Robert. B.

Or John R., who wrote me to say:

stock image of person

“I doubled my investment to $18,000 in a little over three months. My wife and I feel a lot more comfortable with my portfolio increasing than just having to depend on Social Security.” -John R., Sarasota FL

Or how about my reader Cynthia D., who followed my research for less than a year before writing to say:

stock image of person

“I made 5 times my money on [Stock]. I started with $500 and had $3,000 when I sold.” -Cynthia D., Dallas TX

Then there’s Herb who wrote:

stock image of person

“I bought [Stock] on 3/20/20, paid $20,340. I sold on 7/29/20 for a total of $67,318. My wife and I are full-time world travelers. We will use the profit for a cruise.” -Herb M., Manchester NH

And then there’s one of my favorite responses, from Jeremy K. He wrote to tell me:

stock image of person

“You've helped me make more money this year than any other subscription service over the past 20 years of investing…

“Nobody puts out the kind of legitimate information you do.

“I'm now up more than 60% [since subscribing three months ago] just on your recommendations alone (which translates to over $80,000 profit).” -Jeremy K., Wilmington DE

[Note: We don’t know how much Jeremy started with, but based on our estimates, this would have required a $133,333 starting stake.]

These are just a few of the people who’ve found HUGE success thanks to my in-depth research.

And I’ve given my readers the chance at some seriously outsized gains over the years.

Folks like Larry P.:

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This is what I live for.

It’s why I’ve devoted my life to helping people reach their financial goals.

See, Wall Street insiders want you to think you need millions of dollars or a PhD in finance to have success in the markets.

That’s a load of garbage.

You DO NOT need to be rich.

You DO NOT need to be a Wall Street insider.

You DO NOT need some expensive degree or any special skills.

Anyone can do this.

And today I’ll show you exactly how — thanks to “Project I.C.S.” and the 3 incredible stocks I’ve identified.

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As I’ve shown you today, the I.C.S. revolution is about to kick into high-gear.

Between the incredible boom we’re seeing in electric vehicles — with over $250 BILLION about to flood the market…

Not to mention the government regulation that could inject an additional $7.5 BILLION into a nationwide charging network…

The facts are clear.

The EV trend in America is already skyrocketing

And the 3 amazing I.C.S. stocks I’ve pinpointed for you are your BEST chance to see real profits from this rapidly-growing market.

Today, I’d like to give you all of the critical details on each one — including names, ticker symbols and my recommended “buy up to” prices.

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Your Shot at MASSIVE Profits from the I.C.S. Revolution Starts NOW

As I’ve shown you today, the EV boom is unstoppable.

Every major carmaker in the world is going “all in” on EVs.

But this fast-growing market will be DEAD in the water without the I.C.S. revolution I’ve been telling you about.

It’s the ONLY way to solve the biggest problem currently plaguing EVs.

And the 3 stocks I’ve pinpointed today could skyrocket thanks to this unstoppable market trend.

Now is your chance to cash in on this massive new market.

Let everyone else try to profit by investing in big name automaker stocks.

You’ll know differently — and will have the chance to take even BIGGER profits from the tiny overlooked I.C.S. stocks I’ve identified for you today.

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Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

To a bright future,

Ray Blanco

Editor, Technology Profits Confidential
November 2021

P.S. If you’re still on the fence, I understand.

But I’m SUPREMELY confident in the future of “Project I.C.S.” and the MASSIVE profit potential behind the 3 I.C.S. stocks I’ve pinpointed.

I think you should have a shot to claim your share of the potentially BILLIONS of dollars up for grabs.

So let me address some of the most pressing questions behind this fast-moving story.

Answers To Your Most Pressing Questions

Question: What is “Project I.C.S.” and why is it so important?

“Project I.C.S.” is what I call the “Interstate Charging System” that will soon spread like wildfire across the entire United States.

See, the world’s biggest car companies are going “all in” on EVs — and they NEED “Project I.C.S.” to work.

The 3 I.C.S. stocks I’ve identified could be your key to profiting from this unstoppable trend.

Click the link below and I’ll give you instant access to all 3 of these picks — including names, ticker symbols and buy price recommendations.


Question: What if electric vehicles don’t grow as fast as you say?

Well, quite frankly, I don’t see that happening.

Every carmaker in the world is investing BILLIONS of dollars on EVs development.

In order for that investment to pay off, they NEED something like “Project I.C.S.” to succeed.

So investing in the 3 I.C.S. stocks I’ve pinpointed — the ones that stand to profit the MOST from this revolution — is an absolute NO BRAINER.

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Question: If these 3 I.C.S. stocks are so great, why share them at all? Why not just keep them for yourself?

Great question!

Well, to put it bluntly… That’s just not what I do.

See, I found success early on… And I’ve profited handsomely over the years. Now I want to use my in-depth knowledge of the stock market to help as many people as possible reach their financial goals.

That’s why I helped create Technology Profits Confidential. Today, you can join 100% RISK-FREE. Just click the link below to get started.

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Question: Is it hard or complicated to buy these stocks?

No. Not at all.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned investor or if you’ve never invested a single penny in the stock market…

I’ll walk you through everything — including how to set up a brokerage account (it’s really simple), how to place your first trade and how to grab a piece of these 3 I.C.S. stocks right away.

I’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

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Question: What if I don’t have a lot of money to invest?

That’s 100% okay!

You do NOT need a ton of money to get started with these, or any stocks in my model portfolio.

Even as little as fifty or a hundred bucks is still a great start — and everyone starts somewhere. Never forget that.

But look…

All investing carries risk, and this is no different. I want to be perfectly clear about that.

Only YOU know what’s right for you. And I NEVER recommend you invest more than you can afford to lose.

That said, I’ve designed this research service so that ANYONE who wants to can get a position on my recommendations.

That goes for novices and seasoned pros.

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Question: What if I sign up and it’s not exactly what I wanted? Can I get a refund?


Look, we’ve only just met. So I can understand if you’re still unsure about this research.

That’s why I’m making the first 6 months of your subscription to Technology Profits Confidential 100% RISK-FREE.

If at any point in that time you aren’t entirely satisfied, simply call our customer care team and they’ll gladly issue you a full, no-hassle refund. It’s that simple.

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Question: Who are you? How can I trust you?

As I mentioned earlier, my name is Ray Blanco. I’m the Director of Technology Research at one of the world’s largest independent financial research firms.

Over the years I’ve racked up DOZENS of double- and triple-digit winning investing opportunities for thousands of loyal followers.

And the 3 I.C.S. stocks I’ve pinpointed could be next!

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Question: If you’re so confident in your research, why not just give it away for free?

Another great question. And to be honest, I would give this research away. However…

There are so many added costs to creating this research that even at the discounted price I’m offering you today, I’m actually taking a loss on this deal.

I have an entire team of researchers working behind the scenes with me. And we often use very expensive professional investment research services most people don’t even know exist.

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Question: If I have any questions, can I speak to someone?

Of course!

I want to be totally transparent about EVERYTHING we do here.

So if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to call our friendly customer care team at 844-370-6637.

NOTE: We do NOT outsource our calls. Everyone you speak to is right here in our Baltimore, MD offices.

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Q: How long will it take to receive everything we’ve discussed today?

That’s the best part!

You’ll get EVERYTHING we talked about today the INSTANT you sign up.

That includes all 3 I.C.S. stock recommendations — including names, ticker symbols and suggested buy prices — plus the entire suite of special reports and fast-action alerts.

Within minutes, you’ll get your hands on all of it, and be able to take a position on any of these incredible profit opportunities.

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